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                編輯:深圳市嵩隆電子有限公司時間:2020-02-12 20:16

                CHICAGO, December 10, 2019 — Littelfuse, Inc., a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control, and sensing, announced today the expansion of its SPXI series in-line and SPXV series string solar fuses with 25 to 32 amperage models in a compact 10 mm x 85 mm case size. Used in photovoltaic (PV) installations, these 1500 V DC fuses protect PV systems from overloads and short circuits to minimize damage to solar panels. The compact case size offers design flexibility when space is at a premium.

                “As the solar panels create more energy, and efficiencies increase, so does the demand for higher protection on the photovoltaic infrastructure,” said Sakthidharan Krishnamoorthy, product manager, Littelfuse Industrial Business Unit. “With a 50 kA DC interrupting rating, these 1500 V fuses meet the latest code requirements – in a smaller case size – to make upgrading to a higher rating easier by using existing harnesses and fuse holders.”

                Other key benefits of the solar in-line and string fuses:

                • Product label features QR code, offering access to part numbers, volts, SAP variables, programming terms, and date codes in real time
                • SPXI and SPXV solar fuses meet UL 248-19 and IEC 60269-6 photovoltaic fuse standard requirements
                • SPXI solar fuses can be electrically insulated by overmolding or heat-shrinking to streamline the set-up process
                • SPXV fuses are compatible with existing Littelfuse touch-safe fuse holders, which have been rerated up to 32 A